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Darren Bagwell has been married for 8 years and is the proud father of two small children.  Darren has been a small business owner in the Orange County area for 10 years catering to individuals looking for custom bridal jewelry.  Darren has a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University and a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology with a minor in biblical studies from Vanguard University.  

Darren is passionate about helping you navigate through the complexities of life in order to find the best solution available.  Darren has clinical experience working with anxiety, depression, divorce complications, co-parenting, adjustment issues, addiction, trauma, and relational conflict. He enjoys working with Individuals that feel stuck or struggling to find their path as well as couples, families and teenagers.





Marriage Counseling


The relationship you want and deserve does not always come easy.   Let me help you establish the connection and intimacy you are missing to have the thriving relationship you desire.  

Common reasons to come and see me:

  • Conflict Resolution and Healing
  • Communication Improvement
  • Crisis intervention
  • Depression/Anxiety 
  • Intimacy or Trust Repair
  • Infidelity 
  • Parenting and Co-Parenting

Seriously dating or pre-marital COUNSELING

Establishing a foundation for your relationship is vital for a healthy, lasting marriage.  Let me help you establish a solid foundation that will set you up for years  of connection and intimacy.  

Pre-Marital counseling packages come in 5 or 8 sessions depending on the need. Contact me for more info and pricing.


Men’s Counseling

Being a man, I understand the unique challenges and struggles men go through.  
Often times men can fall into the trap of living up to culture or Families definition of a man.  I am passionate about helping my male clients find their true identity and live into their own definition of what they believe a man should be.  I am obsessed with redefining what it means to be a man in a culture that wants to define it for us.  Let me help you rediscover your manhood.  

Common reasons to come and see me:

  • Work-Life Balance Issues
  • Sex/Porn Issues or Addiction
  • Relationship Challenges Substance or Alcohol Addiction
  • Identity Crisis


The impact of traumatic events and experiences can have profound, lasting and devastating effects on a person’s life. These effects can include, but not limited to painful memories or flashbacks, reactive and out-of-control emotional experiences, patterns of failed relationships, problems with sleeping, nightmares, defensiveness, depression, anxiety, shame and self-hatred, as well as being trapped in cycles of addiction.

Finding healing and relief from the impact of trauma becomes imperative for the person who suffers. The right fit for therapy is critically important to the healing process.  

I am trained in EMDR therapy and it has been a privilege to see dramatic results over and over again.  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is the leading approach in treating those suffering with PTSD and severe traumatic experiences.  

If this is you, please don’t hesitate to call. There is relief, there is healing, there is peace and there is freedom from the cycle you have been stuck in.


Counseling for Leaders

Whether you are a CEO of a major corporation or a small business owner, you are not meant to carry the burden on your own.  I am passionate about coming along side to help you tackle the unique challenges being in leadership offer.  My goal is to help you experience empowerment and freedom from the everyday burdens you face.  Let me help you establish the tools and boundaries to feel supported and grounded in your daunting leadership role.  

Common reasons to come and see me:

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Moral/Ethical Dilemmas
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Leadership Track

Intensive Group Therapy Topics

Marriage Enrichment
Trauma Recovery
Leadership Process Group

Email me for availability and details.



EMDR Trained
Prepare and Enrich Certified
Core Pattern Therapy Trained
Attachment based EMDR Trained






Individual, Marriage & Family Ccounceling




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