Entitlement is not a good color on me.

Saying hello to a new age isn’t a bad thing.  Unless you have back issues, out of shape and slightly stressed out.  When all three are present you really feel that new age of one year older than the last.  As I reflect on life and take my yearly internal inventory I quickly realize that I am entitled.  I hate this feeling.  I caught my overall mood shifting when plans changed for my birthday.  I realized my mood shift was because I wasn’t getting what I thought I deserved.  I realized that my mood was affecting my family and maybe my friends.  At that moment of realizations all I could think about was I had a choice.  I have a choice to let that entitlement take over and take my mood to grey with a side of black.  Or, I could choose to be thankful.  I could choose to live out of gratitude.  I can choose to focus on the abundance of life that has been gifted to me.  Or, I can focus on the 2 hours of good surf I am going to miss. 

I think I am going to stick with gratitude.  So thanks anyways, Entitlement but I am doing just fine! 

Darren Bagwell